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Interactive MD David Smith added to formidable list of speakers at Quo Vadis conference in Berlin

Quo Vadis Conference BerlinQuo Vadis has become Germany’s largest conference for topics related to the video game industry. First chosen in 2007, the Berlin venue embodies everything games are about: youth culture, creativity and a love of play. The event takes place in Berlin 23-25 April. Richard Garriott will hold a keynote at this years Quo Vadis talking about the future of gaming and his actual project “Shroud of the Avatar”. Alongside Lord British will now be David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection and Founder of  the Women in Games Jobs professional network who will be speaking at 10.00 am on Thursday on Women in Games. Is a diverse games industry workforce producing diverse games good for business?  He will be sharing some of the initiatives that are taking place and planned in the UK to recruit, retain and support the progression of women in the games industry by positively and actively promoting female role models and giving encouragement and information to those women seeking to work in games. If you would like to meet with David in Berlin, please get in contact through david AT interactiveselection DOT com.

Germany's Women in Games invited to European Conference in London 26 September 2012

Women In Games Jobs (WIGJ) is pleased to invite women and men from Germany and all over Europe to this year’s European Women In Games conference which will take place on September 26th 2012 at the Hilton Hotel, Kensington in London. The theme of this year’s conference is the evolving of the games industry and the opportunities that this creates for all.

Ella Romanos, MD of Remode Studios will give a keynote on “HTML5: Fad or Future?” Martha Henson of Wellcome Collection will also speak on “Drugs, bugs and neuroscience: a formula for successful learning games?”

Gina Jackson CEO of WIGJ, commented: “I am delighted that we can announce our first two women speakers. Ella and Martha are innovators in their areas and I believe we can learn much from them both. The conference will be a celebration of the achievements of women working in the games industry and I hope will act as an inspiration for other women at all levels to come and join us. We invite anyone wanting to be inspired and learn about our changing industry to come and join us on September 26th

Tickets and the latest programme are available now at starting at only £25 from :  The conference starts at 1.00 on 26th September and finishes at 5.00 with sponsored drinks to follow until 7.00 pm. Registration for the conference opens at 12.15 at Hilton Hotel Kensington.

Chris Schmitz Ubisoft Blue Byte Production Head talks to Game Careers at gamescom

Christopher Schmitz, Head of Production at Ubisoft Blue Byte talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at gamescom in Cologne. Chris joined the games industry almost 20 years ago. After many years in localization and programming, he turned towards producing in 2001. Christopher joined Blue Byte in 2007 as Executive Producer for the Anno brand. In 2010 he became Head of Production. His advice for those thinking of applying to Blue Byte: “If you want to apply please go to our website or email me directly, I can forward you to the right channel. My email is christopher dot schmitz at ubisoft dot com, find me on the internet. We are looking for great talent. If you want to join us in Dusseldorf we will do anything for you to move. We have appartments we can rent for you, we have a full relocation package. In the beginning you will get a lot of training within Ubisoft Blue Byte. We have great education and training because we have something which we call Ubi Evolve, even junior staff can really grow within our structure”. See the full clip here:

Matthias Hellmund, Head of Mobile Development for Exozet Games, talks to Game Careers

Matthias Hellmund, Head of Mobile Development for Exozet Games in Berlin (Germany) talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at GDC Europe. Matthias studied Media and Computer Science at Hochschule Furtwangen University (Germany) with stopovers in Tampere (Finland), San Francisco and Berlin. Today, he leads the mobile unit of Exozet games, creating award-winning games and lifestyle applications across a broad range of mobile platforms. His advice to those looking to apply for a job at Exozet:

“One thing we are interested in is which kind of practical projects you have done before. It always helps to not only describe your skillset, but also show some the projects you have done before. It can also be some mod projects, or just some drawings, or even if you are a programmer you can do something, just do some pen and paper drawings just with your address, and it always helps to tell us which areas you would like to work in. We are also very much looking into your motivation and personal situation.” See the full clip here:

Recruiting more women into games: Highlights video from European Women in Games Conference

Too busy, too far away, just thought it a waste of time or never even heard about it, you can now get a flavour of what you missed. Whatever reason you could not make it to the European Women in Games Conference, London on 22 September 2011, here is the highlights video of the conference brought to you courtesy of James Hakesly Photography. Sold out and packed into the downstairs conference suite of the NH Harrington Hall Hotel, London, some of the games industry’s most successful female achievers inspired other women seeking to enter the games industry and those wishing to progress their careers at the annual European Women in Games Conference and Networking event. If you are interested in joining the WIGJ professional network, we recommend you should join over 2500 other supporters in our LinkedIn group.

Change the default resolution of 360p to 720p and see the full clip below in glorious HD.

Benedikt Grindel, Head of Live Operations at Ubisoft Blue Byte talks to Game Careers

Benedikt Grindel, Head of Live Operations at Ubisoft Blue Byte talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. After acquiring a masters degree in mathematics with business as a minor and starting his job career at a carpet manufacturer, Benedikt Grindel found out that you cannot just play computer and video games, you can even earn a living with them. In 1998 he joined the German subsidiary of French-based publisher Ubisoft Entertainment. After two years in marketing and one year in business development, Benedikt decided in 2001 to change from selling games to making them: He moved to the creative development force as producer of the most prestigious German interactive entertainment brand, “The Settlers” (more than six million units sold) at Ubisoft’s daughter company Blue Byte. Under his responsibility, nine titles have been produced and released worldwide. In 2010, his team has released the critically acclaimed “The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom”. Today, he is both responsible for the Live Operation of Ubisoft Blue Byte’s online games and for the development of an unannounced title. His advice for those thinking of getting into the games industry: “Tell us why you want to do games…to do games has to have some passion. Bring that across a lot in your application. What we see a lot is people saying they want to do games, but then they don’t show it in their writing. Send us a game that you have done, do a game. And then of course be very complete in your application, don’t make any grammatical mistakes, its standard stuff, not that difficult.” See the full clip here:


Dr Malte Behrmann, General Secretary of the European Game Developer Federation talks to Game Careers

Dr Malte Behrmann, General Secretary of the European Game Developer Association (EGDF) talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at GDC Europe in Cologne. Malte is an attorney based in Berlin. After law studies in Bonn and Munich, he pursued Audiovisual Communication Management at Valenciennes, France. Malte has led legal & development affairs at Pix.Co, a Korean animation studio, and currently teaches international co-production and film funding law in Valenciennes. Besides his legal and university work, Malte lectures at Games Academy in Berlin, and in different institutions in France.

Malte co-founded the German National Association of Game Developers (GAME e.V.).  As general secretary of the European Game Developer Federation (EGDF), he works actively on game development issues at the European level.   The EGDF represents some 600 studios based in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom, which together employ about 17,000 people. The European computer and video games industry, including distributors and students in game educations, encompasses almost 100,000 individuals. Malte is also the author of two books, “Kino & Spiele, Offentliche Forderung der Entwicklung von Computerspielen” (ISBN 3898214699) and “Filmfoderung im Zentral – und Bundesstaat.”

His advice for people looking to apply for a job in the games industry: “I think the games industry is becoming more and more mature. We saw more and more professionals, we need a lot of people. We need lots of people so don’t hesitate to come to the games industry. But if you are a gamer and want to work in the games industry just because you love games, that is not enough. You need also to have a professional background.” See the full clip here:


Hendrik Klindworth, Managing Director of InnoGames in talks to Game Careers

Hendrik Klindworth, Co-founder and Managing Director of InnoGames in Hamburg in Germany, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe. Hendrik began to programme when he was 14 years old and entered the browser game sphere in 2003, when he created the game Tribal Wars together with his brother Eike Klindworth and his school friend Michael Zillmer. Today, Tribal Wars is one of the most successful browser games, with 40 million registered users from nearly 200 countries. InnoGames was founded in 2007 as a consequence of this huge success. Hendrik studied IT with a focus on Information Systems and Software Engineering in Oldenburg, Germany and has remained a passionate player with Age of Empires 2 as his all-time favourite. His advice for those thinking of applying for a job at InnoGames:

“You should look at what we are doing right now for products, maybe play some of our products. Look at our website, what we think, what we do. If you think you fit the company, then you should apply and express why you want to work for InnoGames.” See the full clip here:

Michael Schade, Chief Executive of Fishlabs Entertainment in Germany, talks to Game Careers

Michael Schade, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Fishlabs Entertainment in Hamburg, Germany talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at gamescom. Michael has been deep into computer graphics and 3D animation and software development for more than 15 years. Since the very beginning of FISHLABS in 2004 Michael was at several international leading mobile and gaming industry events and is a well known evangelist for high-end gaming on mobile phones. He has held several lectures, workshops and keynotes at Game Developer Conference (San Francisco), Annual Mobile Games Forum (London), Games Convention Developer Conference (Leipzig), Icon (South Korea) and other industry events. Before FISHLABS he founded one of the leading 3D animation studios in Germany in 1993 together with his former colleague from University, Christian Lohr. They have worked for major companies like Airbus, BMW, IBM, Panasonic, Renault and Siemens. His advice to those thinking of applying for job at Fishlabs:
“Obviously you need to be qualified enough. However, for us it is very important that someone fits into the team. We do have an open space situation so its very important that anyone can work with each other well and nicely. Of course passion is important. We like it if people bring ideas from different spaces, like from comics, from movies etc. So not really that focussed on games. For instance our Creative Director is an architect so no gaming background at all, and it shows. So if you have some extra talent, some extra qualifications let us know.”

See the full clip here:

Jasmin Orthbandt of & Chawa Chawa talks to Games Careers at gamescom

Jasmin Orthbandt talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at gamescom in Cologne. Jasmin is the Founder & CTO of, and Founder and CEO of She is in charge of Communication, Management & New Business Development for in Berlin. Well respected in her games programming field, she presented to the award the winner of the category „Best European Online Game“. at the European Games Awards. She has over 10000 followers on Twitter as @apocalyptica Here she gives advice for women looking to start a career in the games industry. “You absolutely have to love your work, because lots face it, working in a production is not a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job. We do have crunch time sometimes and you can’t just take off. And you really have to have a heart for gaming. You have to love gaming, you have to love programming, and you just got to love working. Just stick to it, if you really really want it then its an awesome place because you are not judged on how you look. Often is other jobs with females, here is where you work counts. What I like very much is that my code lines are pounding and not whether I have a nice dress or not, its definitely not the market for fashion orientated females.” See the full clip here where the interview starts mid answer: