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Nils-Holger Henning, CCO of Bigpoint talks expansion with GameCareers.BIZ

Successful developer and publisher of browser-based computer games Bigpoint GmbH was among the finalists at this year’s “Develop Industry Excellence Awards”. Bigpoint was nominated in the categories of Publishing Hero and Technical Innovation. Nils-Holger Henning, CCO of Bigpoint spoke to David Smth of GameCareers.BIZ about the expansion of the company. For advice on jobs at Bigpoint, Nils Holger says “To get a job in our company first of all, I think the most important thing, is creativity and of course you must have the ability to achieve something and to touch new ground. What we saw inside the company is very often you are only fixed to a very small limited space of working and you will see a lot of different areas, how games are created, how games are advertised, all of this together in the company which is developing so fast. You must be very creative, very flexible and very open for new inventions.”

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