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David Salz MD of game developer Bitfield speaks to Game Careers.BIZ

Bitfield is an independent game development studio based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2006 by industry veterans. The company creates games for PC and Nintendo DS as well as a middleware technology called “BitEngineDS”, an all-purpose game engine for the NintendoDS.

David Salz holds a degree in Computer Science has been working as a software engineer in the games industry for 8 years. After working on internationally published titles such as “Diggles”, “Paraworld” and “Singles”, he is now one of the founders of Bitfield, a small PC and NintendoDS development studio based in Berlin, Germany. David also works at the Games Academy, one of Europe’s leading game development schools; he is head of the computer science department and member of the advisory board. Furthermore, David is one of the organizers of the IGDA chapter Berlin. David Salz was interviewed by David Smith of GameCareers. BIZ at Game Connection in Lyon in 2009.

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